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Favorite bands chronicled from their inception to the present. Limited to extreme favorites and massively influential bands (influential to their genre or movement, etc.)

Kye Kye’s new direction

Use all the cliched terms you want to describe a band’s follow up record with a new and “acclaimed” producer — evolution, departure, maturation — it all applies to the band Kye Kye, who recently released the second single from the upcoming Kickstarter funded sophomore album Fantasize. The album, though finished in August, is slated […]

Miranda Dodson

Local Flavor: Miranda Dodson

She may vary well be the next coming of Patty Griffin, one of the most talented female vocalists in our lifetime. Powerful. Raw. Empowered. With breathtaking range and unlimited potential, her voice is truly angelic. Fittingly enough, Miranda got her start singing singing hymns in church choirs around Austin. Some of her recordings can be […]

Safetysuit: Radio worthy.

  We recently discovered Safetysuit’s Life Left To Go, nearly a year and a half after it was released, and were thoroughly impressed. Catchy pop choruses, soaring melodies, and meaningful lyrics make this an album that begs to be played over and over again. But why did it take us so long to hear about […]

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