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New Music Mondays, where we’ll highlight a new artist we discovered that week. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy this week’s edition of New Music Mondays.


Apparently they recently toured with Paper Route. Ambient in a way that’s similar to Sigur Ros, but not as abstract. Check it. Also very much digging the experimental film approach to the music video. Fun stuff.

Strange Vacation

New Music Monday: Strange Vacation

Strange Vacation fuses modern rock with sunny pop-punk, creating a fresh and inviting sound perfect for long spring road trips through the countryside. Layered vocals and expansive atmospheric arrangements, accomplished with few instruments, makes for pure-sounding, laid-back but still interesting compositions. Think: Dangerous Summer meets Jack’s Mannequin meets Blink 182. Their debut album, Chasm, came […]

New Music Monday: The Vocal Few

It’s no secret one of our favorite bands is The Classic Crime. Turns out the voice behind the band (Matt McDonald) is even more versatile than we could have imagined. His sensitive side has peeked out in the past, with yearning sentiment in tracks like “Salt in the Snow,” and “The Beginning (A Simple Seed),” […]

June Divided

New Music Monday: June Divided

  My love for post-Paramore-era pop-punk bands fronted by chicks with kick ass vocal cords hasn’t been fully expressed here yet. So in a nutshell, it’s a genre that I am all over. Growing up, there weren’t really any bands in my preferred genres where chicks had a voice, so to see a proliferation of […]

New Music Monday: Briertone

California-based band Briertone are a case study in contrasting styles. To get a feel for the overall tone of their fourth EP Sky’s Torn Open, imagine the captivating intro theme from HBO’s Deadwood, but throw in a healthy dose of tin-can twang, hoof-beat steady drums and confident banjo riffs. The vocals have the same round […]


New Music Monday: Efterklang

The National, but happy and fanciful instead of dark and brooding. The Annuals, without the early days of throaty screaming? Kinda like Arcade Fire, but less intense. If Arcade Fire met Freelance Whales, and they had a Scandinavian baby. There are so many comparisons that can be tossed around when it comes to the Copenhagen-based […]

Evaline | Interlude

New Music Monday: Evaline

While it may not be fresh-off-the-shelves new, I felt it necessary to shine some light on one of my favorite artists and give you a taste of their recent EP. Experimental-prog rock band Evaline have been delighting my earbuds ever since I discovered their 2006 EP Postpartum Modesty: A Portrait of Skin. A dazzling, tireless […]

Tired Pony | Interlude

New Music Monday: Tired Pony

Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody has teamed up with an array of talented musicians, including Peter Buck from R.E.M., indie sensation M. Ward, Tom Smith of Editors, former Snow Patrol member Iain Archer, Richard Colburn of Belle & Sebastian, and the lovely Zooey Deschannel of She & Him for his solo debut album under the […]

The Lonely Forest | Interlude

New Music Monday: The Lonely Forest

Pop-rock quartet The Lonely Forest are set to release their debut album on September 14th on the newly formed label Trans, which is headed by Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla. The new album, titled Arrows, was also recorded, mixed, and engineered by Walla. The Washington based group have been slowly rising stars in […]

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