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Bob Schneider plus Robert Rodriguez = cutesy music video?

Austin’s # 1 bad boy Robert Rodriguez recently collaborated with Austin’s #2 bad boy Bob Schneider on the music video for Schneider’s “40 Dogs (Romeo and Juliet),” the first radio single from Lovely Creatures. Now while you’d think this duo would create something truly unique and potentially controversial, the exact opposite happened. The video for […]

Local Flavor: Bob Schneider in Esquire

I  love it when Austin musicians manage to grab some national attention. One of my favorite magazines, Esquire featured our darling bluegrass massacre-ing, dolphin swooning, foul mouthed, sexy faced Bob Schneider in a fashion/music preview spread in the most recent issue. Pick up a copy to see the gorgeous photos and nuevo-country design which includes […]


This is a space for us to share our collective music knowledge, cultural findings, satirist humor, and general awesomeness with the world. Looking for some new tunes? Well, we’re basically experts on what’s about to blow up, so have a listen to what we have to suggest. Turn off your radio (please!), put out that […]

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