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Playlist: The seasonal transition

As winter transitions into spring, the snow melts away, and the masses come out of hibernation to face the blossoming world around them, we’ve compiled a list of some (fairly) new tunes to help you with that transition. Not overly summery and poppy. Hopeful, introspective, and entertaining. Enjoy. 1. Frightened Rabbit – “Not Miserable” I […]

SXSW 2010: Recap

25 shows over 4 days. Dozens of Tecates and whiskey-cokes. A broken point and shoot camera before capturing ANYTHING. Blisters on every angle of my feet, and now, to top it all off, a head cold. But it was oh-so worth it. Just as every year’s festival comes and goes, leaving me wishing in a […]

SxSw 2010: Bands to see (part one)

SxSw 2010 is finally upon us! With less than a month to go before the year’s most fun festival, we’ve joined the throngs of people who have got a lot of schedule planning to do in the next few weeks. Picking out shows to see and sifting through side party listings is half the fun, […]

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