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SxSw 2010: Bands to see (part two)

  The festival is upon us! All hell will unleash tomorrow when the music really starts going, so if you haven’t put the time into figuring out your music lineup yet, I recommend you sit down and do so before things get insane and all plans get blown to smithereens. In which case, you’ll have […]

SxSw 2010: Los Angeles heads to Austin

As a newly crowned occasional contributor (and currently the only Los Angeles resident) of an.interlude. (insert triumphant-ass trumpeting here), I was strongarmed into took it upon myself to put together a sweet list of Los Angeles bands that will be peddling their musical wares this coming week in Austin. (Guest columns FTW!) Unfortunately I will […]

SxSw 2010: Insider’s tips to navigating the festival

Here is some advice from us, the locals. Take it or leave it. Where to eat: If you’re financially challenged: Torchy’s Tacos (1311 South 1st St): Originally an air-stream trailer taco stand, they’ve recently expanded to several locations around town. The tacos are stellar, and the sauces even better. Recommended: Green Chile Chips & Queso, […]


SXSW 2010: Barcelona

If you’re in need of a new introspective pop rock band, check these guys out. Seattle-based Barcelona excel at crafting both atmospheric ballads and detailed poppy jams. They’ve been around since 2005, but are just now starting to take off on a national scale. Their performance at last year’s SXSW was one of the highlights […]

SxSw 2010: Bands to see (part one)

SxSw 2010 is finally upon us! With less than a month to go before the year’s most fun festival, we’ve joined the throngs of people who have got a lot of schedule planning to do in the next few weeks. Picking out shows to see and sifting through side party listings is half the fun, […]

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